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Discover why EasyTip is the number one cashless tipping platform

Discover why EasyTip is the number one cashless tipping platform

EasyTip is a cashless tipping platform, allowing customers to tip hospitality and service workers directly. We were founded on the belief that despite tips making up to 50% of staff income in some cases, the tipping industry is old fashioned and no longer serves customers, staff or business owners.

We are here to disrupt the tip collecting business with our innovative platform, connecting customers to hospitality and service workers directly via QR codes so tips go directly to the recipients. Staff are happier because they receive tips faster, customers are happier because they can safely, securely and transparently leave contactless tips and owners are happier because we help them reduce admin and improve their team motivation! It’s a win-win-win!

If we’ve not yet convinced you our platform can benefit your business, here are 6 reasons why we have the leading cashless tipping platform…

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1. We give businesses that sign up to our contactless tipping platform free branded merchandise to suit their branding! The unique QR code on the merchandise is used by customers to send contactless tips directly to staff. We will work alongside your business to ensure the free merchandise reflects the look and feel of your brand and location.

2. Our contactless tipping platform comes at no cost for the service to business owners or staff. There is no contract necessary and no hidden charges to sign up for the business or the staff.

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3. All contactless tips received are completely separate transactions and do not impact business turnover. This is great for owners as there are no tax concerns that will require action from the businesses side which helps to majorly reduce admin responsibilities.

4. It is easy for staff members to keep track of their contactless tips. All electronic tips go straight into staff members accounts. That means there is no need for business owners to dish out tips via the payroll system and no need for staff members to wait to receive their hard earned contactless tips. Staff members can choose from 4 options of tip withdrawal: instant, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

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5. Giving tips, with EasyTip, is simple, quick and 100% transparent for customers. There are no downloads required for customers to send contactless tips. Customers can simply leave tips in just 3 seconds by pointing their phone camera at the QR code.

6. Our contactless tipping platform also provides invaluable insights into staff performance. When giving contactless tips, customers also have the option to leave a review. This is great for both staff members and business owners as the customer feedback is a great tool for monitoring customer satisfaction.

At EasyTip, we’ve built a tipping platform which is quick, efficient and 100% transparent, offering our clients the best solution for receiving instant electronic tips. With no cost sign up, contracts, or no hidden fees, EasyTip is the best platform for collecting contactless tips.


Your business may benefit from our contactless tipping platform at no cost to you. So, why not sign up today for free? It’s quick, easy and free to join. Get in touch with us and we will be delighted to help you get connected to our contactless tipping platform.