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Digital tipping in the salon and beauty industry

Digital tipping in the salon and beauty industry

The Hair and Beauty industry was one of the hardest hit sectors by the global pandemic. They have faced many challenges that made working incredibly difficult or, at times, impossible. With cash being replaced by card payments, even when hair and beauty workers could work, they found themselves missing out on tips.

EasyTip believes that every hospitality or service worker should be able to have access to digital tips. That’s why, with our QR code digital and contactless tipping solution, tipping has never been fairer, quicker, or more accessible.

COVID-19’s effect on the world’s transition to a cashless society

The pandemic has proven difficult for many, with new regulations, missed loved ones and selfless sacrifices, there now seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Many businesses have suffered off the back of this virus. The Hair and beauty was one of the sectors hit hardest with turnover falling by 45% in 2020, according to the National Hair and Beauty Federation (NHBF).

The Coronavirus has greatly accelerated the shift towards a more cashless society. For hygiene reasons, during the pandemic, cash was almost entirely abandoned. As most people tip with cash, the hospitality industry felt a huge decline in tips. 83% of hospitality workers felt their tips had declined during the pandemic. 66% of workers felt their tip decline was at least by half. The pandemic was hard enough for these workers who had been on and off of furlough and once they could finally return to work, they were welcomed back with a huge dent in their tips.

EasyTip can help hair and beauty staff boost their tips digitally

With our QR solution, digital tipping has never been simpler. With us, staff can boost their tips by up to 30%. After the pandemic, we believe, now more than ever, that there should be no barriers to staff receiving tips.

Not only is EasyTip great for staff but also business owners. When tipping, customers can choose to leave a review so owners can easily monitor their staff performance. As the tips are wired directly to staff, business owners can benefit from reduced admin time so they can spend more time focusing on other important areas of their business. Easy access to tips makes staff happy and helps boost retention so owners can comfortably hire top talents.

The hair and beauty industry requires different tax statuses depending on the country they are in, but with us paying taxes couldn’t be simpler! For example, in the UK we offer workers to register as either self-employed or employed. A self-employed worker would be responsible for reporting and payment of their own taxes. In compliance to HMRC, all tips are sent directly to the staff member. If a member of staff is employed, the business owner or accountant is responsible for tax payments. Each business has a log in with us where taxes can be easily calculated. There is also an option for mixed reporting for businesses with both employed and self-employed workers. No matter your situation, we have you covered!

Customers also benefit greatly from our platform. We have made tipping quick and hassle free so customers can tip in 5 seconds or less, completely app free! Customers simply scan the QR, pick who they want to tip and enter the amount they wish to tip. Our digital tipping method is safe and secure and allows customers to tip their favourite staff members even if they don’t carry cash.

We are already working with many salons and other businesses across the UK and UAE who are already benefiting greatly from using our service and we can’t wait to welcome more. But don’t just take our word for it.

“My team are over the moon as their tips have gone up…” - Theresa @ Saffron Hair

“I’m pleasantly surprised at how many tips we’ve generated...EasyTip is a life saver to say the least.” - Dorothy @ Scissors Palace

“It’s easy to set up and use and the team get paid directly into their bank. There’s no catch, it’s really that simple!” - Katie @ Hythe Imperial Health Club & Spa

If you want to find out more about how you can implement EasyTip into your business, sign up today for free. It’s quick, easy and free to join. Get in touch with us and we will be delighted to help you get connected to our electronic tipping platform